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#124 : L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur

Titre VO: "Number One" - Titre VF: "L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur"
USA: 11/05/2006 - France: 14/01/2007
Scénario: Greg Garcia - Réalisation: Greg Garcia

Earl demande à Darnell de choisir dans sa liste une de ses mauvaises actions. Grossière erreur: il choisi la numéro 1: "Voler 10$ à quelqu'un". Après avoir retrouvé le gars, il apprend que ses mêmes dix dollars allaient servir à acheter le ticket gagnant à la lotterie. Earl décide donc de rendre l'argent qu'il a gagné avec ce ticket à cet homme, ce qui énerve Randy et les deux frères se retrouvent SDF.

Avec: Lin Shaye (la mère de Paul), Max Perlich (Paul), Dale Dickey (Patty), Abdul Goznobi (Iqbal), Dennis Burkley (Roy Wade), Yetta Ginsburg (Joan), Bill Suplee (Willie), Cameron Clapp (Jake), Tracy Ashton (Didi)


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Titre VO
Number One

Titre VF
L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur

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Photo de l'épisode #1.24

Photo de l'épisode #1.24

Photo de l'épisode #1.24

Photo de l'épisode #1.24

Photo de l'épisode #1.24

Photo de l'épisode #1.24

Plus de détails

OPENING SCENE – Crab Shack – Male bathroom, Randy and Earl walk out of the toilet, Earl face is all wet.

Earl: We did it. Two beers Crabman.

Darnell: you got it Earl.

Earl: (v.o) Everytime I crossed something off my list, I get a good feeling inside.

(Darnell cracks open two beers)

Earl: Here’s to crossing off number 57. Gave Randy a swirly when he was five.

Earl: (v.o) And this time, Randy got that good feeling too.

FLASHBACK – Randy forcing Earls face in the toilet bowl. END FLASHBACK

Earl: Thanks for cleaning the toilet before I let Randy stick my head in it.

Darnell: no problem. The last guy who got his head stuck in the toilet caught some disease only bats get.

Randy: is that that guy who always hangs upside down in the bathroom?

Darnell: no that’s Hector. Question Earl, how do you decide what you’re gonna do next on your list? If its to personal, I’ll mind my own beeswax.

Earl: well ahh sometimes karma gives me a sign, other times I just pick one at random.

Randy: and sometimes he lets me pick. But I get a little freaked out when I play god, that’s also why I don’t vote on American Idol.

Darnell: can I pick one?

Earl: sure go ahead.

Darnell: I just did… one

Earl: you don’t dilly dally Crabman. I respect that. (Darnell smiles) one it is.

FLASHBACK – The market – Earl is at the beer fridge about to take some beer, when a guy walks past and stops behind him. Earl notices the money in his back pocket

Earl: (v.o) As you might imagine number one on my list was special, stole ten dollars from a guy at the Camden Market. It was the last bad thing I did before I discovered karma. It was about nine months ago. Low on funds I was about to steal 16 ounces of breakfast. When all of a sudden fate smiled on me. (Steals money from the man’s back pocket) Five minutes later I scratched off the lottery ticket that would change my life forever. (Earl scratching the ticket, screaming and running on the road, hit by the car) it also lacerated my spleen and popped a lung. Stealing that guys ten dollars was the last straw. Karma had enough.  (Earl lying on the ground watching the ticket fly away)

END FLASHBACK – CUT TO Crab Shack – Earl, Rnady and Darnell talking.

Earl: Thanks Crabman. It’s about time I did number one.

Darnell: Good luck with that. (starts walking away) And I hope I scrubbed that bat disease out of that toilet. But if you start seeing with your ears and whatnot …. get to a doctor.

FLASHBACK – The market – Earl is watching the surveillance tapes of the crime. Iqball is sitting beside him.

Earl: (v.o) In my criminal days Iqball’s surveillance cameras were a pain in my ass, but since I never saw the guys face I stole the ten bcuks from I was lucky he kept the tapes.

Earl: Thanks for doing this Iqball l I think it happened around 11. (no response) 11.

Earl: (v.o) I was also lucky I new someone who spoke Bengali.

(Patty standing at the doorway starts talking Bengali.)

(Iqball responds)

Earl: That’s impressive Patty.

Patty: I spent the early part of my twenties doing exotic sex shows in Calcutta. The pay was good but when the opening buzz wears off and you’re standing there naked with a tambourine in one hand and a tiger’s junk in another, its time for a young girl to come home.

Earl: (accepts what she says and notices on the Patty on the surveillance tape) Hey there you are Patty

(Iqball starts talking )

Patty: He wants you to fast forward this part. (To Iqball) There’s nothing to be ashamed of Icky. We’ve all got out kinky little secrets.

(The tape show Iqball on Patty’s back as she carries him around the store. Earl starts to look uncomfortable)

Earl: how long does this go on?

Patty: its over when he brushes my hair and feeds me sugar cube.

(Iqball gets off, brushes her hair and gives her a sugar cube. Earl stops fast forwarding when he sees himself enter the store)

Earl: Hey there I am. (The guy he stole the money from enters) That’s him that’s the guy.

Patty: I know him. that’s Paul. He the delivery guy for Charlie’s Pizza. We’re in the same book club.

(Iqball starts talking)

Patty: Iqball says that guy didn’t have any money to buy anything.

Earl: Wait a second he was gonna buy a lotto ticket with that money. I bought his lotto ticket, the winning lotto ticket was supposed to be his.

Earl: (v.o) That’s when I realized I didn’t owe this guy ten dollars I owed him every penny I have.

CUT TO – The Motel Room – There is a pile of money on the bed.

Earl: (v.o) As soon as I realized the lottery money was supposed to belong to someone else, I went to the back and got out whatever I had left after Uncle Sam took his share.

Earl: That’s a lot of money to give away. Am I being crazy.

Randy: yes. I think you got one of those brain worms I saw on TV.

Earl: look its not like I don’t want to keep the money. I can’t! I’m scared. The first time I got this money karma hit me with a car. You ever been hit by a car? It hurts. It hurts a lot. I can’t keep this money knowing its not mine or karma might try and kill me again.

Randy: maybe. (whispers) or maybe that’s just what the brain worm wants you to think.

Earl: Damnit Crabman. Why the hell did he have to pick number one. (starts putting the money in a pillowcase)

Randy: but Earl, we’ll be broke

Earl: look Randy I know it sucks but we’ve been broke before. I made the list and karma bought us back the lottery ticket. I guess we’ll just have to hope karma takes care of us again.

Randy: I hate Darnell.

Earl: (v.o) patty gave us Paul’s address and even though he didn’t like what I was doing Randy agreed to go with me.

CUT TO – Earl and Randy outside house. Knocks on door and Paul’s mom opens it

Earl: hi we’re looking for paul.

Paul’s mom: If you’re here to buy my medical marijuana lollipops from my son, you’re out of luck, I ate em all. (laughs and pokes out her blue tongue.)

Earl: no no we’re not here for lollipops we brought him something. (holds up pillowcase, Randy snatches it and runs)

Randy: I won’t let you do it Earl.

Earl: (chasing Randy) Randy! Get back here! Damnit. (tackles him to the ground)

CUT TO – Paul’s basement – Randy is doing a Rubik cube and Earl and Paul are talking.

Earl: (v.o) once I got the money back from Randy, I explained to Paul all about my list, the lotto ticket and how that money was really his.

Paul; woah, hey you guys didn’t tell my mom about this did you? Cos she’s just gonna use the money to buy more pot lollipops. She supposed to have four a day, but she has four, gets the munchies, has four more, the worst case is that she gets horny.

(Earl and Randy look at each other petrified)

Paul’s mom: Paul. Aren’t you gonna introduce me to your friends?

Paul: no ma

Earl: is that door locked?

Paul: its locked. So this money is all mine?

Earl: yeah. I’m five grand short but I’ll get it to you as soon as I can.

Paul: dude don’t worry about it. This is plenty.

Earl: nah nah I’ll get you the rest. I have to. Like I said you’re on my list.

Randy: he said it was plenty Earl. Didn’t you hear him. I think you’ve got that bat disease. How many fingers am I holding up? (shows 3 fingers in his face)

Paul’s mom: Paul. Aren’t you gonna introduce me?

Paul: you’re old. They’re not interested in you. (to Earl and Randy) you guys are interested are you?

(Randy shakes his head)

Earl: you have a window we can go out?

(Randy completes the Rubik cube.)

CUT TO – Motel Room – Earl is looking under the bed.

Earl: (v.o) Not having much money was nothing new to me and Randy. But having none at all made things hard. (finds an opened bag of chips under the bed) Especially when it came to lunch.

Earl: (shakes the bag) there’s some left in here.

(tips it on the table, crumbs are all that’s left, Earl makes a pile, licks his finger and sticks it in the pile. Randy is not impressed)

Randy: I’m starving Earl. Maybe we should go steal some food. You know I get angry when I’m hungry. Like the hulk only I don’t get all green and muscley I just get dizzy and snap at people who don’t deserve it.

Earl: Randy we’re not stealing anything. We’re sticking to the list until something good will happens to us again. I just need to find something that won’t cost money to cross off my list.

Randy: (angry) LIST! LIST! LIST! I SWEAR TO GOD YOU SAY THE WORD LIST ONE MORE TIME I’M GONNA PULL YOUR TONGUE RIGHT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND STICK IT UP YOUR ----- (gets dizzy and sits down) I’m sorry. That was the hungry dizzy hulk. Comes on quick.

Earl: th-that’s okay randy. You can have the chip dust. I’m full.

(Randy licks his finger, Earl looks at list)

Earl: here we go right here. Number 119, ruined joy’s chance at getting into art school.

FLASHBACK – Joy’s Trailer – Earl and Randy are sitting on the couch drinking beer, while Joy draws a picture.

Earl: (v.o) A few years ago, Joy found a contest in the back of a magazine to get into art school.

Joy: Check out that turtle. Look at that. Looks just like the one in the magazine. I traced it perfect. I’m gonna go to art school, and when I do ya’ll gonna have to take care of the babies.. mmm hmm… and you’re gonna see what its like to get up at midnight cos they’re crying for more mountain dew. (stuffs the picture in the envelope) I need a stamp.

(walks in to bedroom, Earl takes the picture out of the envelope)

Randy: I don’t want to take care of the kids Earl. The black one bites me and the white one calls me stupid giant.

Earl: don’t worry Randy. She’s not getting into art school.

(Earl draws a stick body on the turtle’s head, puts a cigarette in its hand and draws a speech bubble saying ‘Art is for turds’. Randy laughs and Earl puts it back in the envelope and gets back to drinking his beer as soon as Joy walks back in the room)

Joy: After I finish art school, I might even go to Paris where the good artists go so I can draw those quiet guys with the white faces with the rugby shirts who play charades. (Seals the envelope)

CUT TO – Joy opening the letter box.

Earl: (v.o) A few months later, Joy finally heard back from the art school.

(reading letter, Earl and Randy are sculling their beer in the background)

Joy: they said art isn’t for turds. Who the hell do they think they’re calling a turd.

END FLASHBACK - CUT TO Joy’s trailer – Joy is painting Patty’s nails. Earl is there holding a magazine.

Earl: (v.o) I came over to talk to Joy about getting her into art school, but all she wanted to talk about was how I gave my money away.

Joy: well the dummy has out dummied himself huh. Well at least now your poor, I can stop being nice to you, cos that just weirded me out.

Earl: look, will you just trace this turtle again so I can mail it in.

Joy: I told you I don’t want to trace no damn turtle.

Earl: Joy, I just bought the stamp I can’t return it, I let Randy lick it for lunch.

Joy: I don’t care about art school anymore Earl. I make art on the end of other peoples fingers now. Patty you really need to stop biting your nails.

Patty: don’t tell me, tell the mayor. (whispers) He’s a nibbler.

Earl: look Joy, there’s got to be something I can do to make up for the drawing, I got to start crossing things off my list if I want my life to be better again.

Joy: fine. You want to make up for ruining my art career, you can help by expanding my new career. I need a guinea pig to practice on to get my new license (winks at Patty)

Earl: no problem. What do you want me to do?

CUT TO – Joy piercing Earl’s nose.

Earl: (screaming) Mother

Joy: (reading a book) oh wait, rip that out. I’m supposed to explain the dangers to you first.

(Earl falls off the chair in pain)

CUT TO- Randy is about to lick peanut butter off a mouse trap.

Earl: (v.o) While Joy finishes making me a human pin cushion, the lack of food was making Randy desperate.

Earl: I crossed another one off ----Randy, No! (Earl has piercings all over his face)

(the mouse trap goes off and Earl cringes)

Earl: (v.o) An hour later I learnt the only thing is painful than putting an earing in your nipple is taking it out.

(Randy is sitting with ice on his tongue, Catalina is standing outside the bathroom as Earl pulls out his piercings and puts them in a tin can.

Catalina: (looking inside the tincan) ooo that one’s nice. You have a matching one like that somewhere on you

Earl: (sarcastically) ooo I’m sorry Catalina, I didn’t realize you were shopping. Let me check in the back.

(Randy gets up and walks towards the door)

Catalina: where are you going?

Randy: (speaking with his tongue out) my tongue hurts too much to watch you, I’m going for a walk

Earl: (v.o) While I let my holes start to heal, Randy stumbled across a little karma.

CUT TO _ Randy is walking down the footpath when a shiny silver dollar catches his eye in the drain, he picks it up and ‘Candy Man’ from Willy Wonka starts playing. He sees a lottery ticket sign outside the store.

CUT TO – Motel Room - Earl is lying on the bed. Randy is holding up a lottery ticket.

Earl: Randy any money we have is supposed to be for food.

Randy: I know, but you crossed something off your list today. Maybe karma will reward us. You know, we got to believe remember. Come on scratch it.

Earl: I can’t Randy, you do it.

Randy: something tells me we’re gonna be lucky. I got a funny feeling. Which side should I scratch first.

Earl: that end but just scratch the first box.

Randy; like this? (he scratches it shows $10,000)

Earl: and now that box.

(it shows $10,000)

Randy: you finish it, I can’t.

Earl: no you do it.

Randy: alright, here goes.

(Shows ‘dumbass’)

Earl: you bought a joke lottery ticket Randy.

(Randy disappointed licks his finger and tastes the scratchie)

CUT TO – Crab Shack – Darnell takes to half empty bottles of beer over the Randy and Earl at a table.

Earl: (v.o) As I tried to find something else on my list that didn’t require money to cross off, Darnell was trying to help us stay alive.

Darnell: now I know you don’t have any money to buy beers, two ladies just left the bar, they didn’t finish these. Here’s napkins to wipe off the lipstick.

Earl: Thanks Crabman. You see that Randy, I told you karma would take care of us. Free beer. Do good things and good things happen.

Randy: (looks into his beer) There’s a cigarette in mine.

Earl: so. You know I think having that money spoiled you Randy. Just pinch your lips tighter to keep the cigarette out. Plus it’ll make your beer last longer.

(Randy does this and seems to think its ok)

Earl: Here we go, number 206 refused to dance with too tall Maggie at the 8th grade dance. I can cross that one off easy, dancing is free.

Darnell: Here, someone left half a hamburger behind by the pool table.

(Randy grabs it and lifts off the bun, there is a smoke inside)

Randy: there’s a cigarette in here too.

Earl: Give it to me princess. (Earl goes to eat it)

CUT TO – Motel – Earl and Randy are walking up the stairs to their room.

Earl: (v.o) Before I went ot dance with Maggie, Rnady wanted to stop by the motel to get more peanut butter off the mouse trap.

Randy: This time I’m gonna be more careful, about it. I got a plan.

Earl: That’s good Randy.

Randy: I’m gonna use my finger

(Earl opens their motel room, two kids in snorkel gear are jumping on the bed.

Earl: what are you guys doin here?

Kid: We’re gonna swim in the pool. We’re gonna swim, we’re gonna swim, we’re gonna swim swim swim.

Father: (pokes head out of bathroom) What are you doing in our room?

Earl: What are you doing in our room?

Catalina: Hey guys.

Earl: Catalina what’s going on here?

Catalina: well they’re gonna go for a swim swim swim. You didn’t pay your rent so my manager is kicking you out out out.

Kid: we’re gonna swim, we’re gonna swim, we’re gonna swim swim swim

Randy: Do you think that little ones ribs are too small to eat?

CUT TO – Earl and randy driving the El Camino – A sign on the car door says ‘  FOR SALE – Leave a note we have no phone.

Earl: ok alright no need to panic. We’ll cross Maggie off the list and things will start to get better. I know it Randy. I still believe. You still believe?

Randy: (unconvincingly) I still believe

Earl: good. We just need to stay positive and keep moving forward. Everything will work out fine.

(The car runs out of fuel, Earl is frustrated, gets out of the car and starts walking)

Randy: (leaning out of car window) Where are you going?

Earl: to dance with Maggie.

CUT TO – Earl is outside a House holding up a note with ‘1053 N Ridgewood’.  A guy in a dressing gown answers the door.

Earl: (v.o) It was a long walk but eventually I found the address I was looking for. I thought.

Guy: This is south Ridgewood. You want 1053 North Ridgewood. Its only about a 10 minute drive.

Earl: oh yeah I’m gonna drive if only I had a car (kicks a plastic flamingo in anger when walking away)

(The guy looks confused and Earl rushes back and put the flamingo back)

Earl: sorry about that, I just need to fix this here.

CUT TO – Earl walking past the El Camino, in the other direction.

Randy: Dance with her?

Earl: went the wrong way.

Randy: what?

Earl: Went the wrong way!

Earl: (v.o) Doing things on my list without money started to feel like surfing TV channel without a clicker. It can be done but your legs get awfully tired.

CUT TO – Maggies house – Earl is struggling to move. He knocks on the door and his looks up to see Maggie.

Earl: (smiling) Maggie.

(Maggie and Earl start dancing, Maggies husband and two kids are watching them dance. Earl is hugging her around her waist.)

CUT TO – The Car – Randy is sitting listening to the radio when Earl comes back.  Earl gets in the car and crosses Maggie off his list.

Randy: now what?

Earl: I don’t know. I’m really hungry

Randy: yeah me too. I spent the whole day trying to pull a peanut out of that heater vent. Turns out it was just a moth.

Earl: how was it?

Randy: dry.

(The car battery dies, and the music stops)

Earl: I don’t if I’m about to pass out or fall asleep from exhaustion. But its happening.

(Earl falls asleep)

Randy: Yeah me too. You know in the old cartoons, when people got really hungry and they thought other people looked like food. You’re a tachito with a moustache with French fry fingers and spaghetti for hair. …. Licorice legs

(Snoring is heard)

(Next morning, a guy taps on the window waking them up.)

Guy: I’ll give you eighteen hundred for it if it runs.

Earl: it runs but not right now, its out of gas.

Guy: I’ll give you seventeen eight five for it.

Randy: Take it Earl, you know this car is not worth more than fifteen hundred.

Guy: fifteen hundred.

Randy: take it Earl we’re desperate

Guy: twelve hundred

Randy: hurry Earl, he’s lowing his prices for no reason.

Earl: sold.

(The El Camino gets towed away with Earl nad Randy on the side of the road)

Randy: (happy) it happened Earl, you crossed something off your list and something good happened. That’s a lot of money. Enough to get all your piercing holes plugged up.

Earl: Yep it’s a lot. Damnit Crabman.

Randy: What? What are you doin?

Earl: I still owe Paul 5 grand randy.

Randy: no no I need to eat Earl. My stomach’s making sounds I’ve never heard it say before.

Earl: its his money not ours.

Randy: Earl we’ve got no place to live, no car, no food, we’re –

Earl: I’m sorry Randy look I have no choice I’ve got to stick to the list, you got to believe





(Randy starts throwing rocks at Earl)

Earl: (v.o) Its scary to see Randy that upset but lucky for me the dizzy hulk had a bad arm and terrible aim. And lucky for both of us about two miles down the road we found a bus stop.

CUT TO – Earl and Rnady on the bus

Earl: Pull the cord Pauls house is near the next stop. Pull the cord.

(Earl goes to pull the cord, Randy stops him. Earl tries again.)

Earl: Randy pull the cord

(They end up having a wrestle in the middle of the bus, Randy gets Earl is a headlock)

Earl: Randy let me go. Randy! Excuse me would you mind pulling the cord for me please.

(Suddenly there is a large bang, Paul has been hit by the bus and is sliding down the front window.)

Earl: wait that was Paul.

Randy: if he’s dead and he gives that money to his stoned horny mother I’m gonna kill you.

CUT TO – Hospital – Paul is in bed looking a lot like Earl did when he was in hospital

Earl: (v.o) Luckily Paul didn’t die, but when the force of getting hit by abus makes your heart and liver switch places you’re gonna feel it.

Earl: how you feeling buddy?

Paul: Take the money back

Earl: What?

Paul: take the money back.

Randy: ok

Earl: you were just hit by a bus you’re still a little out of it. That money is yours.

Paul: you don’t know the whole story

FLASHBACK – Earl scratches the ticket goes on street, hit by car. The ticket flies away. Paul who happens to be crossing the road picks up the ticket and sees Earl on the road and the car driving away.

Earl: (v.o) Turns out Paul knew a lot more about the day I won the lottery than I did. Apparently when you’re blacked out laying in the middle of the road you miss a few things. The lottery ticket didn’t go far before it was in the hands of someone else. And that person was faced with a decision, help a man in the middle of the road of take the money and run. Paul decided to run.

(Paul runs off, Eqball runs on road to help Earl screaming something)

Earl: (v.o) Meanwhile the old lady who hit me called her sister and convinced her to return to the scene of the accident.

Old Lady: Fine. I’ll go back but if I go to jail you’re taking care of mom. (Does a uturn and drives back)

CUT TO – Paul running away with the ticket.

Earl: (v.o) Paul was making his getaway with what he thought was stolen ticket. He was rich.

(Paul runs onto road and the old lady hits him too and drives off, Paul watches as the ticket blows away.)

Earl: (v.o) It was the happiest three minutes of his life. And over the next several days the ticket made its way through Camden County. Just waiting for karma to deliver it to the right person. If willy the one eyed man had better depth perception well that ticket could have been his. (It flew down the street, it fell at Willy, who couldn’t pick it up, the wind picked it up and flew it down under Patty’s foot) Some people could have even quit their day jobs but they were too busy working to notice. (Patty walks of to a car, and lifts her foot, the ticket flies off and at the feet of the Didi the one legged girl) Some people could have had it but karma wanted them to find other things instead (it falls at the feet of her now boyfriend aka Robotic man) Some things like love. (The ticket flies, to the feet of Joy who is stealing videos out of the returns box) Other people could have had it if they weren’t so busy doing their won thing.

Joy: I got one Problem Child 2, I just saved us $3.

Earl: (v.o) Yep a lot of people could have had that ticket. But it just wasn’t meant ot be. It was it the ticket knew where it was supposed to go. (Earl and Randy are picking up the trash and Earl finds it)


Earl: Fine you took the lotto ticket instead of helping me but that ticket was yours why don’t you want the money?

Paul: I don’t like what it did to me.

Earl: (v.o) And then Paul told us how the money had changed his life. He got ridiculous new clothes. He dumped his mom in a discount nursing home. Money made Paul a whole different guy.

Homeless man: can you spare a dollar?

Paul: I can spare thousands of dollars but not for you (hold up a wad of cash, the wind blows it out of his hand and he chases it onto the road where it got hit by the bus)


Paul: It’s that karma stuff you told me about Earl. Old lady karma didn’t want me to have that money.

Earl: old lady karma?

Paul: I saw her again today. When I got hit.


Earl: Pull the cord. (They start fighting)

(Scan to old lady talking to a guy beside her)

Old Lady: I don’t drive anymore. I had two terrible accidents. (to bus driver) Excuse me can you tell me when we’re gonna be near 8th street? (puts a map in front of his face)

Bus Driver: Lady.

(a bang is heard and Paul is on the windscreen. The old lady screams)

END FLASHBACK – BACK TO HOSPITAL Paul: That money is not supposed to be with me. I have a feeling if I keep it it’ll kill me. The money’s supposed to be with you.

Earl: wow Paul. Thanks a lot. Me and Randy will keep using it to do good things. Right Randy?

Randy: (fighting with another patient for his food) come on you don’t need it. I read your chart you’re dying. (grabs the orange)

CUT TO – Motel – They pull into the carpark in the el camino

Earl: (v.o) It was nice having money again. First thing we did was buy back the El Camino.

(Randy is stuffing the vents with cheetos)

Randy: I’m storing food in case we ever lose the money again. You know when I said before I believed in the list stuff and then I said I didn’t but now I really do. I do.

Earl: good enough for me Randy.

Earl: (v.o) Then we got our room back. Unfortunately the Yamagutchis still had two days left, but they were cool.

(Earl sitting on bed with the parents and Randy playing Operation with the kids)

CUT TO – Crab Shack – Randy is looking in the bottom of a bottle.

Randy: (v.o) Look Earl no cigarette butts.

Earl: Tha’s right Randy. It was a wild run, but everything turned out okay.

Catalina; Plus you crossed 3 things off your list.

Joy: (drunk, tries pushing Catalina off her chair so she can sit down) Scoot it sweetheart. Move come on. Check it out. I’m celebrating. I just got my hole piercing license. Which means I’m legal unlike you. (starts laughing)

Catalina: Con esto concluimos nuestra primera temporada de Earl. Estamos muy agradecidos con su acompanamiento y anticipamos verlos el proximo otoño talks  (translation from the TV Guide ‘ This concludes the first season of Earl. We thank you for your support and hope to see you next Fall’)

(Darnell walks over with some food)

Joy: Blah blah blah. (still laughing falls off the chair)

Earl: yep everything was back to normal.

(Earl, Randy Catalina and Darnell look at Joy on the floor)


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ABC commande la dramatique Queens avec Nadine Velazquez !

ABC commande la dramatique Queens avec Nadine Velazquez !
ABC a commandé une nouvelle dramatique intitulée Queens dans laquelle on pourra retrouver Nadine...

Alyssa Milano | Dernier épisode du Podcast Sorry Not Sorry

Alyssa Milano | Dernier épisode du Podcast Sorry Not Sorry
Alyssa Milano a publié hier le dernier épisode de son podcast Sorry Not Sorry. Ce dernier épisode...

Alyssa Milano | Nouvel épisode du Podcast Sorry Not Sorry

Alyssa Milano | Nouvel épisode du Podcast Sorry Not Sorry
Hier, Alyssa Milano a publié un nouvel épisode de son podcast Sorry Not Sorry. Cet épisode...

Alyssa Milano | Nouvel épisode du Podcast Sorry Not Sorry

Alyssa Milano | Nouvel épisode du Podcast Sorry Not Sorry
Hier, Alyssa Milano a publié un nouvel épisode de son podcast Sorry Not Sorry. Cet épisode...

Alyssa Milano | Nouvel épisode du Podcast Sorry Not Sorry

Alyssa Milano | Nouvel épisode du Podcast Sorry Not Sorry
Alyssa Milano publie aujourd'hui un nouvel épisode du podcast Sorry Not Sorry sur Apple. Cet épisode...


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quimper, 08.08.2022 à 17:07

Viens aider le célèbre détective londonien à départager huit criminels en votant dans le sondage. Bonne semaine à tous

lolhawaii, Avant-hier à 01:24

Le calendrier d'août est arrivé sur les quartiers Hawaii 5-0 et MacGyver Ce sont des créations de Terillynn, venez nous donner votre avis svp !!

Supersympa, Avant-hier à 23:06

Bonsoir à tous ! Nouveau mois (encore très chaud) sur les quartiers Alias, Angel, Dollhouse et The L Word.

ShanInXYZ, Hier à 18:12

Voyage au centre du Tardis : thème de la semaine, l'Aventure qui vous a le plus marqué, on attend vos photos alors passez voir le Docteur

sanct08, Hier à 21:43

Bonsoir, animations + forums + sondages vous attendent sur Le Caméléon et X-Files ! De même un nouvel EV vous attend chez Jarod !

Viens chatter !