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#118 : La voiture de la discorde

Titre VO: "Dad's Car" - Titre VF: "La voiture de la discorde"
USA: 16/03/2006 - France: 24/12/2006
Scénario: Barbie Adler, Brad Copeland - Réalisation: Chris Koch

Earl essaye de se faire pardonner auprès de son père d'avoir perdu sa Mustang dans une course alors qu'il était enfant. Il essaye aussi de se racheter auprès de sa mère au moment de la fête des mères pour ne lui avoir jamais offert de beaux cadeaux avec Randy et s'être moqué d'elle une année.

Avec: Beau Bridges (Carl Hickey), Nancy Lenehan (Kay Hickey), Dale Dickey (Patty), Ben Falcone (Ed Reed), Timothy Olyphant (Billy Reed), Noah Crawford (Earl enfant), Andy Pessoa (Kenny enfant), Ryan Armstrong (Randy enfant), Trey Carlisle (Earl Jr.), Louis T. Moyle (Dodge)


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Titre VO
Dad's Car

Titre VF
La voiture de la discorde

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Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Photo de l'épisode #1.18

Plus de détails

OPENING SCENE – Crab Shack – Joy is saying goodbye to Dodge and Earl Jr and Darnell. Earl is watching from the pool table with Catalina and Randy.

Earl: (v.o) It was nice to see Joy so happy to be with her kids …but that’s because they were leaving her alone for a week. Going with Crabman to stay with his moms.

Joy: Thank you babies. You boys leaving for a whole week is the best mothers day gift a mom could ask for.

Darnell: (holds out the tips jar) here’s some extra spending money. Can you empty it out now; I need the jar for Mr Turtle so I don’t have to buy him a seat on the bus.

Joy: oh yeah  (tips out jar) Here you go. Bye boys.

Dodge: we promise not to call Mommy.

Joy: Wouldn’t answer if you did. (blows them a kiss)

Earl: (v.o) turns out Joy’s idea of a perfect mothers day was having a week of not being a mother. And who could blame her, being a mom is hard.

(Flashback of Joy cleaning the bathroom and lifting the toilet lid to Mr Turtle swimming)

Joy: who the hell thinks its alright to put Mr Turtle in the toilet? (Finding peanut butter and jelly spread on the wall) Who the hell thinks its ok to paint a peanut butter and jelly mural on my wall? (Doing laundry holding underpants) Who the hell…. (starts dry retching, goes to toilet and finds Mr Turtle) Damnit, who keeps putting Mr. Turtle in the toilet?

CUT TO Pool Table – Randy is playing with a ball and Catalina is taking her shot, while Earl watches on.

Randy: I didn’t know it was Mother’s day tomorrow Earl. Did you?

Earl: no I forgot.

Randy: are you gonna do something for your mom Catalina?

Catalina: my mother is dead.

Randy: I’m sorry.

Catalina; no its ok. It was either her or me.

Earl: (v.o) I felt bad about mother’s day cos this wasn’t the first time we had to scramble at the last minute to get her a gift. Back when we were kids all we had to do was wait for someone smaller, weaker and prepared for mother’s day. (Young Earl and Randy hiding in the bushes waiting for Kenny to walk past then tackling him to the ground and stealing the present out of his bag)  We knew we’d find something good in Kenny’s backpack as it was the same place we did our Christmas shopping.

FLASHBACK - Carl and Kay Hickey are in bed, Young Earl and Randy give her, her mother’s day present)

Kay: Oh Earl did you wrap this? Its pretty paper, shame to tear it up, could have saved that for another day. (opens box) oh my. Look Carl, look what the boys made, it’s a little coupon book. (the boys proud faces, fall to shocked ones) Clean the house for mom, Do the dishes for mom, breakfast in bed for mom, oh I’m gonna use this one right now. (Earl and Randy go off without enthusiasm) I like marmalade on my toast.

Earl: (v.o) stolen coupons sure made mom happy, until she realized we’d never let her cash any of them in.

(Carl is getting ready for work, while Kay is still waiting in bed)

Kay: those little jerks aren’t coming back are they?

Carl: nope.

(Kay puts the coupons in her nightstand)

END FLASHBACK – CUT BACK TO Pool Table – Earl is getting out his list.

Randy: what are you doing Earl?

Earl: I’m putting mom on the list.  Number 266 never gave mom a good mother’s day.

Randy: can I write this one Earl, I want to practice cursive again.

(Earl hands over pen and list)

Catalina: if you do something for your mom won’t you have to see your dad? I thought he hates you.

Earl: He does but I won’t have to deal with dad. Tomorrows all about mom.

Earl: (v.o) Meanwhile Joy was preparing to enjoy her mother’s day.

(Joy is sitting the bar)

Joy: (pushing a pile of money towards the barman) Here. Just keep bringing me drinks, but make sure I have enough money to buy myself a kitkat and jelly donut on the way home.

CUT TO – Earl and Randy sneaking into their parents house.

Earl: (v.o) the next morning we snuck into our parents house to surprise mom with a mother’s day breakfast in bed. (Earl and Randy are cooking in the kitchen making noise and a real mess) What we didn’t know at the time was that my parents heard someone breaking in and dad was trying to remember the combination to his gun safe.

Kay: try your birthday again.

Carl: I already tried my birthday Kay. When’s our anniversary?

Kay: you don’t know our anniversary? You know this is exactly what I meant the other day when I was talking about how you live in this little Carl bubble and the rest of the world –

Carl: not now Kay. DO we really want to do this know?

Kay: May 5th

Carl: nope. When’s your birthday?

(Kay looks at him)

CUT TO – Earl and Randy finished cooking breakfast and taking it to their mother’s room.

Earl: (whispering) I can’t wait to see her face.

(Pushes the door open, Kay screams)

Earl: Happy Mothers --- (Carl hits him over the head with the gun safe)

Carl: Hey Randy.

Randy: hey dad.

CUT TO – All of them sitting in the living room,

Earl: after we explained we were there to give mom a good mother’s day. She was thrilled.

Kay: look what I found.

Earl: I can’t believe you still have this. These coupons are like 20 years old.

Randy: participate in hands across America with mom.

Earl: (v.o) and so we spent the day doing what we should of done a long time ago. Let mom cash in all her coupons. Like plant flowers with mom.

 (Earl and Randy are gardening, Randy finds a buried shoebox)

Randy: oh look Earl, somebody buried a pair of shoes.

Earl: Randy hold on.

Randy: ahhh it’s a cat’s skeleton. I should name him Crackers like the cat that used to sleep in the street.

Earl: (v.o) Take a portrait with mom (Randy, Earl and Kay are posing for a photo, all wearing blue jumpers.) And we even did the coupons that seemed a little strange now that we were adults. (Earl is having a bubble bath, Randy is waiting in a robe and a rubber ducky.) Like taking a bath without being asked.

Randy: this is fun Earl. I miss being a kid. You sure there’s not room in there for both of us, if you just moved over –

Earl: I’m sure Randy.

CUT TO – Earl, Randy, Carl and Kay in the living room watching home movies.

Earl: (v.o) our day was going great and so far I had managed to avoid dealing with dad, until mom cashed in her watch home movies coupon.

(Home movie shows a piece of wood lying on a rock and young Earl riding his bike on it, breaking it)

Randy: hey Earl, it’s that ramp you built for our bike.

Carl: out of the leaf of my mahogany dining table.

Kay: oh look Thanksgiving. I should have had a smaller bird. (Carl sighs) oh look there’s that old car you bought.

(The home movies show Carl happily cleaning an old car)

Carl: haha look at me smiling. I had absolutely no idea that my 11 year old son would drive that car into the lake only two months later.  Ahh watching these movies just amazes me that you always had a way of ruining everything.

Earl; Dad I didn’t ruin everything ok.

(The home movie shows Young earl with the hose and he aims it right at the camera)

Carl: and there was the end of our home movies. (Gets up and walks out of the room)

Earl: come on Dad, we’re just trying to have a good time here. (to Kay) I’m sorry mom, I wanted this to be the perfect day.

Kay: I just wish you two could get along. You know what you should do, you should do something on that list for your father.

Earl: I.. mom I’ve tried to

Kay: well try again.,. Damnit I have one coupon left Earl and it says Mothers choice. Which means that I get to pick whatever I want and I want you to do something for your dad.

Earl: Mom, dad hates me.

Kay: hates a strong word

(Carl walks in holding the gun safe)

Carl: Kay I remembered the combination, 3,14,89. It’s the day Earl moved out.

CUT TO – Motel Room, Catalina lying on the floor  has set up mouse traps under the bed. Earl and Randy are sitting on the bed reading the list.

Randy: what about number 42, cut holes in all of dads shirts to show his nipples.

Earl: no his nipples have drooped down like 6 inches so that one kind of crosses itself off.

Catalina: (gets up off floor) Now I wait.

Randy: how long you have to wait.

(The mouse traps start going off)

Catalina: not long. (grabs a trash bag and goes to get the mice)

Earl: alright we gotta do one of these. I promised mom

Randy: what about 108 lost Dads mustang?

Earl: he was pretty mad when he saw it in that home movie today. Maybe I should do that one.

FLASHBACK – Young Earl and Randy walk up to a yard where 2 guys are working on a car.

Earl: (v.o) But that car didn’t have to be dragged out of a lake like I told my dad all those years ago. We lost it another way.

Young Earl: is that thing fast?

Billy: You bet your ass it fast. Fastest car in the county.

Young Earl: Bet my dad’s mustang is faster. I’ve never seen him drive it but he says its really fast.

Billy: Yeah little guy. You want to put your money where your little mouth is, huh? Race for pink slips. Huh you scared? You better be, cos I’m Billy Reed. Do you know how many girls I’ve had sex with? (holds up 4 fingers)

Earl: (v.o) that was the day I learned I had trouble backing down from a challenge.

Young Earl: come on Randy, lets go get dad’s car.

(Young Earl and Randy walk off)

Billy: See you at the drag strip peewee.

Ed: Who was the fourth girl?

Billy: I counted Trisha twice cos I got her with and without her back brace on.

CUT TO – Drag Strip – Billy is there with his car and Young Earl driving Carl’s mustang. Randy is standing on the road next to a Ed.

Earl: (v.o) less than an hour later I was about to have my first drag race ever.

Ed: GO Jacky kick his ass brother. (Has a drag of his cigarette)

Randy: you shouldn’t smoke. We watched a cartoon at school where an owl told us it was really bad for you. It killed the owls father at the end of the cartoon.

Ed: do I look like a damn cartoon to you? (takes another drag of his cigarette)

Billy: Ok Patty we’re ready.. (revs car and looks at young Earl) You ready peewee?

Young Earl: let’s do this.

(Patty drops the flag to start the race, Billy takes off and is leading by a lot, young Earl is having trouble and is trying to change gear. But comes to a complete stop. Moments later, young Earl and Randy are watching the mustang getting towed behind Billy’s car to his backyard.)

Earl: (v.o) as fast as that mustang might have been, it didn’t change the fact that at 11 years old I didn’t know how to get out of first gear. At the time, the tought of dad confronting Billy was humiliating… so I lied and told him I drove his car into a lake. But now it was time to get it back.

CUT TO – Earl and Randy walking up the footpath to Billy’s house, where him and Ed are working on his car, Ed taps Billy.

Billy: Earl Hickey. All growed up.

Earl: yeah listen I need to get that mustang back. How much you want for it.

Billy: wha-what we don’t sell cars we race them

Ed: we race them…Whoooo go Jack---(Starts coughing)

Randy: (to Earl) that’s just how that owls dad coughed in a cartoon before he fell out of the air and broke his neck.. He’s lucky he’s not flying.

Billy: that’s a sweet El Camino you rolled up in. you want that mustang back I’ll give you a rematch. The stang against your camino , mano on mano.

Earl: I don’t want to race Billy. Besides the mustang doesn’t look like its been started in years.

Randy: hey Earl there’s a long skinny dog lying down in the back seat. Oh wait he’s standing up, he just doesn’t have any legs. Maybe it’s a snake. Do snakes have hair?

Billy: they do when they’re ferrets. (To Earl) you scared? Is that it growed up Earl? You’re scared that I’ll take another car off you, huh? You scared? You should be, cos I’m Billy Reed. You know how many girls I’ve had sex with? (holds up five fingers) Five.

Earl: Randy get in the car, we’ll see you at the drag strip.

Billy: Ed put the tyres on the mustang and get that hairy snake out of the backseat we got ourselves a race.

CUT TO – Drag Strip – Earl and Billy drive the mustang and camino  to the line.

Earl: (v.o) less than an hour later, I was about to have my second drag race ever. And with her kids still out of town Joy hadn’t stopped partying.

Joy: (walks up to Earls window, really drunk, slurring her words) Hey Dummy, I heard you all were out here racing, so I fitted it in my mothers day week schedule. This is so the police don’t know I’m out here drinking. (kisses her hand and hits Earl in the face and walks away)

Billy: (to Earl) Lets do this!! (pointing to him)

Earl: (v.o) and even though the cars had a lot of miles on them now, Patty had even more.

Patty: Alright lets get this show on the road. I got an appointment with a guy who likes to suck on my feet.

Billy: first guy to pass the blue box wins. Lets do this!

Ed: GO Jacky!! (smokes)

Joy: Go jacky!!

(The race starts, both Earl and billy are head to head.

Earl: (v.o) we were both neck to neck until we got both cars to above 30. then they quit on us. (the crowd stops cheering as the cars die)

Billy: ED!!! Get up here and push. (Ed runs to the car.)

Patty: go Ed go.!

Earl: Randy come on and push. Come on. (Randy runs to the car, Joy who was leaning on him, falls down)

Patty: go Randy go!

Earl: (v.o) so the race became less about horsepower and more about brother powere.

Earl: come on Randy. You can do it.

Billy: come on Ed. Push.

(Ed and Randy are pushing. Ed is coughing and Randy pushing has got Earl in the lead.

Earl: you got it Randy. We’re almost there.

(Ed is coughing bad, and he stops pushing the car)

Randy: I told you to get off those cigarettes.

Earl: (v.o) and we had more brother power.

Earl: we did it Randy. Yeah Randy!! I won Billy, the cars mine.

Billy: fine you got the car, but it was a close race and I still got my dignity.

Patty: (running up) Hey Billy. Is it ok if I cancel your appointment to soak my feet. I’m just not feeling it anymore.

(Earl and Randy look disgusted)

CUT TO – The El Camino towing the Mustang to Earl’s parents place.

Earl: (v.o) after 20 years of lying to my dad about what happened to his car, it was tme to tell him the truth.

(Earl knocks on the door)

Carl: its not mother’s day anymore Earl. Come back next year. (goes to slam the door)

Earl: no no wait Dad. I’m here for you look. I didn’t lose your car in the lake, I lost it in a race but I just won it back so I can now cross you off my list like mom wanted.

Carl: my car?

Earl: yeah your mustang.

Carl: idiot that car wasn’t for me that was gonna be your car when you turned 16.

Earl: what?

Carl: yep so I guess you should be on that list. (takes the list from Earl and writes) ‘Lost my own car because I’m an idiot. (hand back list and slams the door)

Earl: I can’t believe I lost my own car.

Randy: hey look at this one number 67. Ran over Crackers.  Hey what kind of crackers did you run over. Saltines? I bet it made a crunchy sound.

CUT TO – Crab Shack – Randy and Earl are sitting at a table.

Earl: (v.o) finding out the car I lost was supposed to be for me, put me in a situation I never faced before.

Earl: I’m on my own list. What the hell am I supposed to do about this.

Randy: can’t you just forgive yourself and cross it off.

Earl: I don’t want ot forgive myself Randy. I mean my life would have been a lot better if I had that mustang. I wouldn’t have lost my virginity in a public bus.

Randy: and I wouldn’t have had to watch.

(Joy stumbles over to the table, still drunk)

Joy: (slurring) Hey dummies. One of you guys are probably sitting here saying stupid stuff, doing stupid stuff (starts laughing uncontrollably)

Earl: I’m gonna fix that car.

Randy: really?

Earl: yeah why shouldn’t I. everyone else on the list makes me do something for them. Why should I be any different? I’m gonna pay myself back. Come on Randy.

Joy: (stops laughing) Hang on. I’m gonna come too. Hold on.

 (Tries to get her mouth on the straw to have another drink, but she keeps missing it. )

Earl: maybe you should drive her home.

Randy: I don’t know she might be ok.

Joy: (falls off the chair) Damnit, who spilled their drink on me.

Randy: I’ll drive her home.


Earl: (v.o) while Randy took Joy home, I went to my parents house to fix up the car that should’ve been mine 20 years ago.

Carl: What the hell are you doing?

Earl: Mom said I could fix the car here. I can’t work on the car at the motel, everytime you slide under somebody tries and steals your shoes.

Carl: I told you I don’t want the car.

Earl: I’m not doing this for you dad, I lost myself a car. I owe myself a car. I’m doing this for me.

Carl: well fixing a car is a lot of work. So let me know when you give up and I’ll call the junkyard.

Earl: (v.o) it was gonna be hard work. But this was the list. So quitting wasn’t an option.

CUT TO – Joy’s Trailer – Joy opens the door slurring and Randy follows her in.

Joy: see I told you I drive just fine.

(Randy spots something and walks over)

Randy: no I drove, you were steering with a paper plate in the passenger street but you did get a couple of turns right. (Randy playing with a toy plane)

Joy: Randy, do you want to spend the night tonight.

Earl: (v.o) it was an odd request. Randy had never thought of Joy that way.

Joy: I’m lonely Randy. I don’t think I can go a whole week.

Earl: (v.o) so that night Randy gave her what she needed. (Joy is laying on the bed smiling and the headboard is banging on the wall) And much to Randy’s surprise the next morning when Joy was sober she was hungry for more. (Randy is standing at fridge, when Joy walks over and bends down) So much more they didn’t even notice when Darnell and the kids came home early. (Randy and Joy are in a sheet fort)

Darnell: Joy?

Joy: Hey boys. Welcome Home!

Darnell: cool. A sheet fort.

Dodge and Earl JR: yeah come get in.

Earl: (v.o) you see what Joy couldn’t go a week without was her kids. Randy playing with that toy plane, made her realize how much she missed being a mom. How she missed someone innocent around to liven up the house. (Joy lying on the bed smiling while Randy is jumping on the bed with a pony stick) Someone who need her to take care of them. (Randy at the fridge, Joy bends down to tie his shoelace.)  Someone to have fun with, because no matter how far she sent her boys away she was still a mom. (Joy playing with the boys in the sheet fort, laughing) And there was no forgetting it. And she didn’t want to. And the next morning I was still making headway on the mustang. Or at least I thought I was.

CUT TO – Parents house – Earl working on the mustang – Carl walks into the garage.

Carl: you’re putting a 1970 carburetor in a 65.

Earl: it’ll fit.

Carl: sure it will fit. That size 4 dress will fit your mother but I wouldn’t take her out in it. That’s a matching numbers car there.

Earl: well it’s gonna have to work, cos it’s all I have.

(Carl goes to a cupboard and gets a 65 carburetor)

Earl: where’s this from?

Carl: 1965. Just put it on there. Go on… That’s it... Easy…. You got to hold it down even so you don’t cross the threads. Go to the cabinet, get the throttle plate we’re gonna need that next. (Earl just looks at him) Go on you know what a throttle plate looks like don’t you?

Earl: (v.o) when I saw all those mustang parts my father bought over 20 years ago. I realized this wasn’t just a car my dad had planned on giving me, it was a car he planned on us rebuilding together. So that’s what we did. Over the next couple of days, we got less talking about car parts and more about other things.

(Earl and Carl are getting the car ready to be painted)

Earl: so I was supposed to be named Carl?

Carl: yep after me. But on your birth certificate I always wrote cursive so I put an extra loop on the C so the C looked like and E and there you are. Earl Hickey.

Earl: (V.o) and before I knew it I had something with my dad I never had before. A converstation. And we kept on having them for the next 2 weeks until the car was finished.

(Earl and Carl standing looking at the finished Mustang, proud of their work)

Earl: it looks great huh.

Carl: it sure does.

(Carl walks off and Earl gets out his list)

Earl: (v.o) And then it came to me. What I had cheated myself out of all those years ago wasn’t a car it was a chance to have some quality time with my dad. And now that I got that I can cross myself off my list.

(Carl comes back)

Carl: well here you go (hands Earl the keys) Well the paints not totally dry so don’t let Randy slide across the hood like he always wants to.

Earl: Maybe I should just keep it here

Carl: here? Why would you want to do that.

Earl: well the motel’s no place to store a nice car like this. Plus you’d get to drive it too. Lets go take it for a ride.

Earl: (v.o) some people might think leaving that car with my dad was an unselfish act but I wasn’t doing it for him. That car was the first good memory my dad and I had together and I didn’t want him to forget it.

(Carl and Earl drive the Mustang. They drive past Billy Reed who was watching them drive down the dirt road, then he holds up a foot. Which kicks him)

Patty: Help! Somebody put a damn snake dog back here.

(Patty starts hitting it with her shoe. Billy gets in the back to get it)

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Alyssa Milano | Nouvel épisode du Podcast Sorry Not Sorry
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